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Friends of Saxonville meeting highlights

There will be a City Council summit to discuss McGrath Square on May 31 at the Cameron Middle School, including representatives from the mayor’s administration as well, District 2 City Councilor Pam Richardson announced at tonight’s Friends of Saxonville annual meeting. More details to come.

And, this year’s RiverFest will be held on June 16 and 17. See more information and a schedule of events at the new Friends of Saxonville Web site.

Framingham Mayor Yvonne Spicer was the evening’s keynote speaker. She shared memories of being to walk from Farley Middle School to buy groceries and drop off dry cleaning years ago, and asked tonight: “How do we get back to that place?”

She said her vision of the city’s future includes pedestrian-friendly planning, so people can park once and walk to multiple destinations.

She also gave a shout-out to the importance of bicycling, noting that she recently snapped a photo of a bike lane with its own traffic signal in Cambridge, and passed it on to the new Traffic Commission.

Mayor Spicer spoke about the need to understand every neighborhood’s unique history and character while planning for the future, noting: “Each one of our villages don’t have to be the same,” but adding that they all have a “common core.”

The audience cheered when she mentioned special brush pickup during the week of May 7, when city Public Works will collect tree limbs and other debris from the string of winter storms that hit the region. Brush needs to be at the curb and no more than 14 inches in diameter.

She urged attendees to stay involved in municipal government, even though there’s no more Town Meeting. There will be openings on boards and commissions, and people will be able to apply on the city Web site.

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