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Mike Gatlin State Rep Candidate Q and A

Mike Gatlin is one of four candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for 6th Middlesex House of Representatives. The primary is Sept. 4; all candidates will be write-in.

What are your qualifications in seeking to represent our district on Beacon Hill?

I have served this community for many years in many capacities. I have had a large role in the progress we have been able to bring to our downtown and the services we have been able to provide to the members of our community. I am proud of that work. As the current Chair of the Economic Development Industrial Corporation, I have been able to bring a wide-ranging and long-lasting change to our downtown which had been neglected for far too long. As the founder of the MetroWest AIDS Consortium, I helped to provide a whole array of services to our members, friends, and neighbors who were in need of understanding, compassion and resources. I worked to provide them with medical, transportation, housing, and transitional services at a point in their lives where they needed care and there was little information or knowledge about how government could facilitate in providing care. Whether it was with these organizations, or my role as PTO President, or as a member of the Library Foundation which raised the money to build the new McAuliffe Library, or as a Board President of Wayside Youth and Family, or many other activities, I have a long record of success as a volunteer, making Framingham a better place to live. My experience and commitment make me a proven leader in our community. As your State Representative, I will continue working to promote, strengthen, and connect our community by identifying our strengths and potential in all areas.

What issues are most important to you to focus on at the State House?

I have always believed that education is the key to success in a competitive world and workplace. I am committed to making pre-k education available to all children in the Commonwealth, and to making a college education accessible and affordable at out state colleges and universities, including our community colleges. I will work to create incentives for a transition to clean energy sources, such as wind and solar power, and work to require the Commonwealth and municipalities to replace the vehicles in the their respective fleets to hybrid and electric vehicles. I want to increase the reach and accessibility of MWRTA to help reduce traffic, reduce emissions by reducing car-trips, and to ensure independence for our seniors. I want to access state funds for infrastructure repair and maintenance and to maintain and increase economic development in our City.

How would you approach constituent service and outreach?

It is important to me that the office I am seeking is that of “Representative”. I want to represent the interests and solve the problems of my constituents. I will always be accessible, will hold regular and well publicized office hours. I will attend all nature of community events and meetings to ensure that I can hear from everyone in our community. It is [my] desire to be everywhere, and to hear what people want to say, and to act on those desires.

Why do you think you would be effective in getting things done in the Legislature, as opposed to simply holding positions that are in sync with voters in the district?

I have enjoyed success, not just as a practicing attorney but as a community leader, by working with people with differing points of view. I am known to be able to “reach across the aisle” in order to accomplish things which serve the interest of the largest portion of the community. I was pleased to be selected by Mayor Spicer to be a member of her transition team, to present an agenda by which the Mayor could govern all of Framingham. I will continue to seek common solutions to represent the whole of the District.

What would you tell an undecided voter who asks why they should support you as opposed to one of the other candidates seeking the seat?

Framingham deserves, and requires, a Representative who knows the City, who knows the issues, who knows how the government works, and who can be effective from their very first day on the job. Because of my many years of experience in a host of voluntary positions within this community, I possess that knowledge and experience. I have been doing this work long before this campaign even took shape, and my record firmly establishes that I can do this job effectively. I would urge voters to look at my website, mikegatlin.org, and compare my experience with that of the other candidates, and make your choice based on my record.

More information about Mike:

Email: mike@mikegatlin.org
Facebook: mikegatlinforframingham
Twitter: @votemikegforrep
Web site: https://www.mikegatlin.org

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