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Robinson the apparent winner for 6th Middlesex

With all but one precinct reporting, Framingham Source posted on Facebook that Maria Robinson has 1,628 votes in the race for the Democratic nomination for 6th Middlesex state rep, substantially more than the #2 vote-getter, Mike Gatlin at 714. Mary Kate Feeney has 466 and Mark Tilden, 26. It looks overwhelmingly likely that Maria Robinson will be on the November ballot as the Democratic nominee to succeed Rep. Chris Walsh.

MetroWest Daily News has precinct breakdowns for Pcts 1, 5, 6, 10, 11, and 12 so far, with totals 1,057 for Robinson, 429 for Gatlin, 298 for Feeney, and 12 for Tilden.

While Tom Blandford received the most votes in the Republican primary, Framingham Source notes that he does not appear close to the 150 votes needed in order to be on the November ballot as the Republican nominee.

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