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Where are Campaign Contributions Coming From in the District 2 City Council Race?

Where are campaign contributions coming from in the District 2 City Council race? I looked at candidate finance reports at the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance for our two candidates, Cesar Stewart-Morales and Ricky Finlay.

Those reports break down contributions by city. But I also geocoded every contributor in Framingham to see which ones were within District 2 – something you can’t get at OCPF!


  • Both candidates raised most of their money from within Framingham – 65% for Ricky, 63% for Cesar. (That’s in line with two of our three At-Large City Council candidates, by the way; only Janet Leombruno raised less than half her campaign contributions from Framingham.)

  • Cesar raised a greater portion of his money from District 2, however.

  • According to my calculations, Ricky raised more money from fewer contributors in District 2.

* Ricky raised more money overall – $11,925 vs $6,790. That’s in part because his average contribution was larger. (According to my calculations, including an attempt to count anyone who gave multiple times only once, Cesar had more total contributors.)

  • Here’s a further breakdown of percent of money raised by contribution size:

Election Day is Tuesday, November 5.

See both candidates’ answers to the District2Framingham.com questionnaire:
* Cesar Stewart-Morales
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Questions about voting locations or precincts and districts? See the Framingham Election Map.

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