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Framingham 2019 Election Turnout by District - with Map!

District 2 had the highest turnout (by percent) in yesterday’s Framingham election, with the contest for District City Council likely helping to spur voters to the polls. In that race, Cesar Stewart-Morales defeated outgoing School Committee member Ricky Finlay. Turnout was 23.3%.

But perhaps the day’s most notable statistic: Overall turnout was more than two and half times larger than the last off-year local election four years ago, back when Framingham was a town. Turnout topped 18% yesterday; it was 7% in the April 2015 town election.

Data details

Saxonville / Nobscot had two of the top three turnout districts, with District 1 registering 20.6%. The only other district to top 20 percent was District 5. Those districts also had contested District Council races.

District 1 edged out District 2 in total number of voters who turned out, but District 1 has by far the city’s highest number of registered voters.

In the map below, you can roll your mouse over an area (tap on a mobile device) to get turnout percent and District City Council results for that district. There’s a table of turnout by district below the map, which also includes number of votes and District City Council results. All data is from unofficial results posted by the City Clerk’s office.

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