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Framingham Known Covid-19 Case Rate Now Higher than Boston

Framingham now has the 14th-highest rate of total known Covid-19 infections in Massachusetts, surpassing Boston, according to data released by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health today.

Framingham’s rate is 1,809 per 100,000 population. Boston’s is 1,662.

Framingham was number 81 in Massachusetts a month ago, but its known infection rate rose more than 400% since them.

In MetroWest, other communities in the top 20 were Milford at number 15 (1,792 per 100,000) and Marlborough at number 19 (1,607).

However, we don’t know if the rate of testing is similar in all these cities and towns.

Here is the data released by the state Wednesday, in a searchable sortable format:

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