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Updated Aug 31 - Framingham Now in 'Red' Zone as Covid-19 Cases, Positivity Rise

Framingham Covid-19 testing positivity rose to 2.8% in the last 14 days, the highest since at least early July. Known new cases rose to 8.7 per 100,000, sending Framingham into the state’s “red” category.

Both data points were more than double the state-wide averages, according to data released by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Below is a graph of actual average daily cases in the last seven days (not per 100,000 people) updated Aug. 30:

The state average for testing positivity was 1.3%. Higher positivity means that more cases are likely being missed.

The state uses average daily reported cases over the most recent 14 days to categorize communities as grey (best), green, yellow, and red. Unfortunately, it does not include positivity rates as part of those calculations.

Framingham was in the yellow zone last week.

The Massachusetts Department of Education recommends that communities in the red zone have remote learning only in public schools; yellow, hybrid or remote; and green, in-person or hybrid.