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Framingham Passes Community Preservation Act

Framingham voters overwhelmingly passed the Community Preservation Act Tuesday, according to unofficial election results posted by the City Clerk’s office.

The measure, which adds a surcharge to some real estate bills to fund projects like preserving open space or building affordable housing, passed 62.6% to 37.4%. It won in all of Framingham’s 18 precincts.

In District 2, Precinct 3 voters approved it 1,289 - 745; Precinct 5 voted for it 1,341 to 950.

The ballot question had its greatest percentage approval in Precinct 17, where it won 73.9%. The lowest percent in favor was 58.5% in Precinct 5.

Framingham voters were just about evenly split on ranked choice voting, with 49.9% in favor and 50.1% opposed.

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