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Framingham Covid-19 Cases, Positivity Rise Again

Framingham’s known daily Covid-19 cases have risen substantially in the past week, hitting an average of 23.1 per 100,000 in the most recent 14-day period, according to weekly data released today by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

And while number of tests also rose, testing increased by just 6%. Cases per capita, meanwhile, rose 49% in the same period.

Test positivity rates jumped from 2.42% last week to 3.24% this week.

Under the Baker administration’s revised color-coding scales, Framingham remains in the new yellow zone despite the 23.1 per 100K case count. That’s almost triple the level needed (8.0) under the previous scale. However, under the new rating policy, a city of 50,000+ must have a positivity of at least 4% as well as 10 or more new cases per 100K to hit the red zone.

This is state-wide map under the new color scale: