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Framingham known Covid infections drop to early December levels

Framingham’s known rate of Covid-19 infections dropped again this week, according to data released today by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. The city remained below the state average in known infections per 100,000 population and around average for test positivity.

There were 48.8 known cases per day per 100,000 in the last 14 days in Frmaingham, versus 59.4 state-wide. It’s the lowest reported in the city since 40.2 on December 3 (although December numbers included data from free walk-in testing, which was more accessible to low-income residents). 5.25% of Framingham residents’ tests were positive, compared with 5.51% state-wide.

However, the city remains in the Massachusetts high-risk red zone. And, while there’s talk of returning to in-person schooling here soon, Framingham had a total of 683 known new cases per 100K in the past 14 days – considerably more than the CDC’s criteria of 200 per 100K for “highest risk of transmission in schools”. The city’s positivity rate is in the CDC’s moderate-risk zone.

MWRA wastewater tests

MWRA wastewater tests showed a dramatic spike in virus levels yesterday in the South region, which includes Framingham. However, it’s unclear whether that will be the start of a worrisome trend or was just an unexpected testing blip. We should know more in the next few days.

Wastewater testing is often considered a leading indictor of infections, since people can shed virus before they have symptoms or get tested.

Please see the MWRA site for more info on the data.

Elsewhere in Massachusetts

You can see rates elsewhere in Massachusetts in the table and map below:

Covid-19 Known New Infections Prior 14 Days