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Framingham Covid Cases Jump

Framingham’s daily rate of known new Covid-19 cases jumped 17% over the last 14 days compared with the same period a week ago, according to data released today by the Massachusetts Department of Health. Number of tests administered only increased 3%.

This is despite the fact that an increasing number of city residents have some or full vaccine protection. An estimated 28% of eligible city residents have received at least one shot, according to the latest state vaccine data, with 16% fully vaccinated.

The rate of daily known new Covid-19 infections in Framingham rose to 31.7 per 100,000 population, the highest since early February.

Test positivity rose again and is now over 3%, at 3.3%.

Framingham Public Schools reported 14 new cases in the last week, including 4 at Framingham High School, 2 at Potter Road, 1 at Hemenway, 1 at Walsh, and one attributed to a staff member who was at both Walsh and Dunning, according to the school system’s dashboard.

Framingham’s rate of total known new Covid-19 infections per 100K is considerably higher than the state-wide average, 31.7 vs. 21.5 across Massachusetts; and 3.3% test positivity here vs. 2% throughout the state.

Massachusetts Communities by CDC Risk Level

(The map below is approximate, since the CDC uses a 7-day total while the state reports a 14-day total; calculations below divide the 14-day total by two, which may not reflect significant changes between the two weeks.)