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Civil War Reenactment This Weekend (so don't worry about gunfire sounds)

From the Framingham Police: “Eastleigh Farm will be hosting a Civil War Reenactment and Educational Program on Saturday October 2, 2021 from 9AM-5PM and Sunday October 3, 2021 from 9AM-3PM. Be advised the event will include black powder gunfire discharge at that location.” So, don’t be alarmed if you hear occasional gunfire from that direction.

Framingham Source reports that the camps are open to the public at those times - and the ice cream bus will be there. “Admission on Saturday is $20 per car, or $10 if only a single person is in the car, and includes parking, transportation around the site on the hayride wagon and a ticket for a half price admission on Sunday,” according to the Source announcement. “Sunday’s admission is $15 per car, or $10 for single person in car, and $7 for those who have a Saturday ticket. This ticket includes transportation around the site and parking.”

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