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Framingham Covid-19 rate drops - yet still high

Framingham’s rate of known new Covid-19 cases dropped 37% compared to last week, according to data released today by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

The rate of daily known new cases in the most recent 14 days was 66.5 per 100,000 population, down from 124.1. However, the current rate is still higher than all but two weeks of 2021: Jan. 14 (before most people had access to vaccines) and Dec. 30 (as the Omicron surge was ramping up).

These case numbers also don’t include those who find their Covid cases using at-home antigen tests.

Framingham’s PCR test positivity was 7.8%, still higher than the recommended 5% rate to adequately find all cases.

Number of tests administered to city residents dropped 18% as cases declined 37%, indicating that some – not all! – of the decrease in known case numbers may be due to fewer tests.

As was the situation last week, the trend this week is excellent – and overall case numbers are still high. Experts are encouraged that if current trends continue in areas like New England, community transmission rates will be considerably safer in a few more weeks – and that will happen more quickly if we exercise caution for a little while longer.

“We are loosening restrictions when things are getting better quickly, not when they are better,” tweeted Jon Levy, chair of the Boston University School of Public Health Dept. of Environmental Health.

“How do I define ‘premature’? By looking at spread, impact, and protection,” tweeted former US Surgeon General Jerome Adams. “Spread: [US] 7 day avg still highest since April of last year. Impact: over 2500 deaths yesterday. Protection: only 22% of 5-11 and 56% of 12-17 vaccinated.

“Exit the highway early - trip takes longer.”


About 39% of city residents have received “booster” shots, considered critical for fending off the Omicron variant. 77.2% are at least fully vaccinated while 90.3% have received at least one dose.

Vaccination Rates by Community

Covid-19 Known New Infections Prior 14 Days by Community

MWRA Wastewater Samples

Covid-19 traces in MWRA wastewater – often a leading indicator of case trends and not reflecting current infection rates – continued to drop. Graph is below. Framingham is part of MWRA’s South region. (You can click the legend to turn lines off and on as well as click and drag to zoom in on a portion of the graph.)

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